About Jay Tankersley Photography

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Jay Tankersley specializes in capturing the beauty of the Pacific Coast. Over the years, Jay has also added many other stunning California and National Parks to his portfolio.

There are a number of reasons why Jay's photos are highly praised for their creativity and top notch quality. First, each shot he takes requires ample preparation. It's not unusual for Jay to spend more time preparing than actually shooting. Jay's preparation involves researching the location and weather, planning when to visit, and arriving early to scout the location before the light is at it's best. During the scouting activity, Jay searches for interesting elements, angles, textures, and patterns, and makes note of the best compositions available based on the light for that day. Why is so much preparation necessary you ask? The main reason is that the best light for taking a photo of a given location may only exist for a few minutes a day. So there's little time to make adjustments on the fly.

In addition to making sure he thoroughly researches his subject, Jay ensures that his final results will be of the highest quality by only using state of the art professional grade camera gear. Like any fine craftsman, he prefers to use the best tools available for the trade. This includes everything from the camera and lenses to the filters and post processing software.

To deliver the highest quality print products, Jay has partnered with a world class print lab with decades of printing experience. Jay's prints are produced on the finest paper available using the latest archival ink technology to ensure your prints will last a lifetime when handled and displayed properly.

In addition to print products, Jay offers rights managed licenses to use his photos. Licenses and downloads can be purchased on this site. For more details on licensing, just click the "buy" button to add an image to your shopping cart and then click the "Downloads" tab for licensing options. Should you have any questions about Jay's work, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for visiting!